Career Profile

People I worked with knows me as a creative person who can always be trusted to come up with relevant solutions.


Full Stack Developer | IT Consultant

2017 jan - Present
Bsit - Babysitting app | ADNEOM Benelux, Brussels

Development of a babysitting app features & improvments using NodeJS, AngularJS and more lately VueJS with a 5 Developers Team.

In charge of natives apps via Apache Cordova, B2B dashboard for professional program & Business Inteligence technical strategy.

Improving team workload by creating internal tools & AWS infrastructure & DevOps.

Trainee Software Engineer

2016 apr. - 2016 oct.
Expertime, Nantes

Contributing to set up workflows for companies via Nintex, a new third party product released for Microsoft SharePoint.

Working for companies like LVMH, Immochan or HOP! with a team of 7 developers.

Master degree dissertation dealing with customer care throughout Office 365 migration.


  • Nintex Workflow Pro Certificate - Nintex - n°54_3_25056_1460985219
  • Nintex Workflow Admin Certificate - Nintex - n°67_4_25056_1461537689

Web Developer | Entrepreneur

2014 jul. - 2016 feb.
Ciwig, Nantes

Websites’ design and development. Management and customer care. +3 Developers Team.

We served severals clients like PROVENCE AVOCATS, Boomerang evolution, AMI, SUPINFO, Agence 404.

Environment in CMS WordPress & Ionic Framework

Web Developer & SEO integrator

2012 - 2014
Agence 404, Nantes

Setting up SEO best practises in websites’ development with a 4 developers team.

Maintaining & Improving a +5000 visits/month website (

Web Developer

2012 jul. - 2012 aug.
Centre d'Etude des Entreprises (CEE), Nantes

Design & develop the company website. (Wordpress).

SEO strategy & follow up via Google Analytics.

The website ( was up for more than 5 years in the version I developed.


When I have some free time, I use my skill to work on personal projects :) - Europarl, résultats des votes des séances plénières européenes
GoTube - Youtube packaged app for mac os.
Movies Advisor Bot - How I can handle a perfect movie flow from my couch.
STIB Bot - An other messenger bot to warn me before I missed my tramway.

Volunter experience & Causes

House assistant

2016 (1 month)
L'Arche Lambeth, London

House assistant in London, helping people with disabilities in their daily tasks.

It was very humanly rewarding.

Sergent de réserve (NATO : OR-5)

2012-2015 (4 years)
French Air Force, Orléans

After my trainee, I was assigned to several missions like airbase security and later, after a second trainee, as sergent, to join the instruction team during summers 2013-2015.

Teaching Assistant

2012-2015 (4 years)

Teaching MS Exchange courses & Web technologies courses.